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[RYPPHYPE] 2018.08.29 「Callin’ feat. 橋本愛奈 / MATANE Stranger」リリース!

RYPPHYPE_callin'_matane_300安室奈美恵、鈴木愛理、東方神起など数多くのアーティストへの作曲・プロデュースを手掛ける、山木隆一郎を中心に構成され新たユニット「RYPPHYPE(ライプハイプ 略称ライハイ)」
そのRYPPHYPEの、4ヶ月連続配信限定シングルリリースの第一弾「Callin’ feat. 橋本愛奈 / MATANE Stranger」が、両A面配信シングルとして2018年8月29日(水)に全世界配信リリース。

RYPPHYPE「Callin’ feat. 橋本愛奈/MATANE Stranger」
配信先:iTunes Store、amazon mp3、レコチョク、mu-mo等主要配信サイト、Apple Music、AWA、Line Music等サブスクリプションサイトにて配信
配信レーベル:rhythm zone

Callin’ feat. 橋本愛奈」は、元・チャオベッラチンクエッティの橋本愛奈をフィーチャリングボーカルに迎えた正統派R&B。

MATANE Stranger」は、オール英語詞。
作詞はアメリカ西海岸在住のYoko Hijiが務め、海外でジャパニーズカルチャーがどのような捉えられ方をしているかをプロデューサー山木隆一郎と共有しながら制作。

※RYPPHYPE(ライプハイプ 略称ライハイ)
前身のR.Yamaki Produce Project(RYPP)を改名。RYPPと、英語圏スラングで「ワクワクする 興奮する 盛り上がる」という意味の「HYPE」を組み合わせた造語。
=どっしりだけど軽く 一瞬でも濃い=

RYPPHYPE first single “Callin’ feat. Aina Hashimoto / MATANE Stranger”

Release date: Wednesday, August 29, 2018
Available at iTunes Store, amazon mp3, Reco-Choku, mu-mo and other major Japanese music distribution sites, Apple Music, Spotify, AWA, Subscription music service such as LINE Music.
Released by rhythm zone

A first single out of 4 consecutive releases from a new group called RYPPHYPE by a Japanese music producer, Ryuichiro Yamaki. Ryuichiro has produced songs to famous Japanese artists including Namie Amuro, Airi Suzuki and DBSK. Two songs, Callin’ and MATANE Stranger will be available as a double side-A single on Wednesday August 29th, 2019 worldwide.

Callin’ feat. Aina Hashimoo” is a standard R&B tune featuring the former member of Ciao Bella Cinquetti, Aina Hashimoto as the lead singer. The song takes place in a interesting night and being re-united with a lost love. Nothing’s the same with “back then.” Ryuichiro sets the mood with his dramatic synthetic sound. Aina shows the different face from her former idol side to entice you.

MATANE Stranger” is written in English, singing about a brief encounter by a traveler and a local in Shibuya with the message for visitors to Japan to enjoy the stay and see you again in Shibuya next time.

The lyric was done by a CA-resident Japanese lyricist, Yoko Hiji who brainstormed the story with a perspective of how Japanese culture is received by the U.S. coast side with Ryuichiro.
Ryuichiro had the idea of putting lyrics and releasing the highly reviewed official demos that he produces for a French music software developer, UVI. He is hoping his international fans can enjoy this song.

Callin’ feat. 橋本愛奈
Lyrics: erina.
Music: Ryuichiro Yamaki
Arrangement: Ryuichiro Yamaki
Produced by Ryuichiro Yamaki
Vocals by 橋本愛奈
Voice by Ryuichiro Yamaki

橋本愛奈 by the courtesy of UP-FRONT WORKS Co., Ltd.

MATANE Stranger
Lyrics: Yoko Hiji
Music: Ryuichiro Yamaki
Arrangement: Ryuichiro Yamaki
Produced by Ryuichiro Yamaki
Vocals by erina.
Vocorder & Chorus by Ryuichiro Yamaki

All Instruments & Programming by Ryuichiro Yamaki
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Ryuichiro Yamaki at Studio W4M